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13 September 2014  /  2 notes
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I’ve made a new OC :D 

I’m not taking the piss, I love Brick Lane- this drawing’s from a place of LOVE

10 August 2014  /  8 notes
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Amira is triishna's character !!!

Ahhh omg thank you so much : D Your style is so cool and the little ghosts are so sweet, I love it!!

20 July 2014  /  1 note
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AMIRA the kindofnotreally psychic who uses premonitions to freak out her enemies :] :] :]

Likes to warn people about stupid things/

Still TRyna work out how she looks. And who she is. LIFE

15 July 2014  /  3 notes
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She talks to ghosts, reads angel cards and loves crystal balls. 


Trying to understand new photoshop and failing. 

Thank you  and hello to all my new followers and sorry I’m so awkward and stuff.